another little thing :)


hope you all are well :) just wanted to come on here and thank you all for the support on my new album, it's nice to see some numbers come in, and they look good (to my standards lol). obviously it's not about the numbers to me and never really was, it's just nice to see people listen to it and then come back and continue doing so. i just am in it for the music and as long as the music is good to me i am happy, but seeing other people enjoy it and support me is never a bad thing. 

now to the meat and potatoes of why i wanted to come on here today. i've decided to release an instrumental album that features all ten tracks from “things i never said to you (the two year anniversary edition)” just without any of the lead vocals, harmonies, oooh ahhs, etc. it will be available to stream for free this friday (tomorrow, actually), december 8th on SoundCloud (you won't even need an account!), and maybe YouTube and this website (we will see). i am a little nervous to share this with you all, partly because i've never shared just the instrumental tracks from my album, it makes me feel a little naked i guess? it's weird to hear these songs without my singing over them, but i do like it. i feel like it's a neat little insight into my process, as well as a new fun way to listen to the album and hear some of the deeper instrumental details that you probably wouldn't have heard otherwise. i'm excited, but this is new for me. 

all that said, be on the lookout for it! i'll definitely post about it on my instagram stories and twitter probably, so beware and enjoy! :)

all my love once again,

ben <3

p.s. the cover art will be the picture thumbnail for this post :)

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