Producer: Ben McKelvey
Writer: Ben McKelvey
Mixing & Mastering: Ben McKelvey


It went quiet
The rain didn't soak into my skin
Like they always say

Pick and choose me
Whenever you want me
I'm there every time

Do you remember
Stumblin' up stairs and
Playin' with my hair and
I would never dare to
Catch you in a stare and
Runnin' from the dark and
Playin' with my heart you
Tear me apart

Findin' something rare that
Caught them by surprise and
Watchin' the sunrise
My shirt is in your drawer but
You're too immature for me
To say I loved you

Breakin' the silence
It's not science
To tell me how you feel

Maybe I should've
But I never doubted
The words you said to me

Do you remember me
Breakin' down cryin'
I was just trying
To make it into something
Even when there was nothing
Hearin' through the shouting
I gave it everything I had

Tellin' me lies and
Holding back my cries and
Seein' right through you
Left me feeling blue
Even if I know I shouldn't
I hate that I still let you in

The drops fell off me
It was never like that before
I'll see you around
But no amount of "sorry"
Could fix this hurt

I remember you
Sayin' that you cared
Through the lines that you blurred
And I was still scared and
You were unprepared
To actually be committed
But there was something real there
(Oh, there was something real there)

Waving goodbye
Through the rear-view mirror
Smilin' through the tears and
The words you'd never hear and
Tellin' you that I hate you
Even though I really don't

Do you remember?
'Cause I remember
I remember

Yes, I remember