Producer: Ben McKelvey
Writer: Ben McKelvey
Mixing & Mastering: Ben McKelvey


Wait in bed for me
Tell me all the things you wish
That you could be

Say the things you say
Don't turn on the lights for me
It's not my time

I just wanna know
Could I have been a little bitter?
For you my eyes grow cold

All I do is sit and watch
The same old shows
Wishin' I was someone else
Out in the snow
It's just not the same
And sure, everything changed
Now I just sit and wait
In the dark
For the cold
To come in

Let you through my walls
Look through my in the hallway
Like I'm a piece of glass
(Like I'm a piece of glass)

Don't let me see
The person I couldn't be
The one I knew you'd want

All I do is sit and let
The same tapes play
I just wish I could've been
Who you wanted
That day
When the party's over
And the lights come on
I just wish I didn't see,
That they didn't turn them on

All I do is sit in my bed
And wait for you to come
Even if I know you said
That you weren't coming back
I just sit and stare at the wall
And say things I,
Things I never said to you