in honor of two years of my debut ep, ive released a new version of "things i never said to you." back in august, i set out to overhaul the six original songs from this project, as well as unearth some of the songs i wrote from that time of my life. i started from the bottom and re-produced the tracks and re-recorded the vocals for each song, and i wanted to share it with you all today. it's called "the two year anniversary edition" and it features all six of the original songs, and four that i never released!

i remember all of the excitement i had that surrounded this release. i was still in high school, and it was my first big project. i remember sitting in my friend samantha's basement while we took the original photos you might remember, thinking about my vision for this project. part of the point of this re-release has been to actualize what ive always wanted this moment in my life to be. when i set out, my goal was to make something i was proud of... something that felt both cohesive and emotional.

this project has always been so personal to me as it is completely autobiographical. i was writing songs while trying to work through my genuine feelings about real things i was going through at that time, and i felt like today would be a good day to celebrate that.

this re-release of things i never said to you is also a good way for me to see how far ive come, both in my production and vocals. and, as we're nearing the end of 2023, i can't help but feel proud of all the things ive accomplished in terms of music. i put out my first full-length album, "Heaven, The Afterlife," which I was even working on a year or so prior to the original version of "things i never said to you" being released and now this is out as welll i am proud of myself and love this new version of my debut ep so much, and i hope you can say the same thing when you listen.

all my love,

Ben <3

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