I've been very busy


Apart from the ongoing “Ben V.S. Spotify” fiasco that's going on, I wanted to come on here and discuss something with you that I find to be very excited. 

I moved back to New York last month, and I've found myself feeling very inspired by my new surroundings all over again. I think that this feeling comes from taking risks, which is why I decided to start recording and producing again. When I finished Heaven, The Afterlife, I found myself to be recording music with no real place for it to go in mind, which was nice. It was cool to make music without any real purpose, just for fun, again. I hadn't had this feeling regarding making the music I do in a long time because, as you know, I first started conceptualizing Heaven, The Afterlife a few years ago back during my sophmore-junior year of high school. I still find it crazy that that album is just out and in the wild now (apart from Spotify, but have faith!). 

Continuing off my last point, I'm enjoying this new era of making music, I've been a really busy bee these past few weeks. I definitely have something exciting in store that is slated for the end of this year. I won't necessarily reveal what it is exactly, but just know I have something coming. I guess you could say I have found a place for some of these songs, both old and new, to go. hehehehe

Anyway, thats all for now. The thumbnail of this post will serve as a clue. If you've been a fan since I started, you might be able to figure out what it means. :)

Talk soon, 


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