About My Ongoing Issues with Spotify...

Hey guys,

I'm not really sure if anyone reads these but I just figured this was probably the best place to talk about this since it's a pretty big roadblock I've been running into. If you use Spotify, you'll probably notice that my album still isn't there, even though it's been over a month since it was originally scheduled to release… but I digress. As much as this is an inconvenience for you because you cannot listen to it, it is an inconvenience for me as well because most of my audience is Spotify users, plus I am a Spotify user

I've been in contact with both Spotify and CDBaby (my distributor) and both have offered rather vague responses to my concerns, which is that I am missing out on streams because my album that I've spent the last three years working on is nowhere to be found on arguably the biggest streaming platform. I am not happy with this outcome. CDBaby has re-delivered Heaven, The Afterlife three separate times, even with max urgency, but to no avail. 

Obviously, as soon as the album is on Spotify, I will post on all my social platforms as well as this blog. Really sad about it though.


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